economic consultant in kew
  • We listen to the economic problems faced by you 
  • We think through the relevant economic theory
  • We consult with colleagues across the profession

Practical economic advice in Kew

We are a national firm and are prepared to travel to our clients.

Reviewing complex engineering economics
We can audit the detailed work of other economists and their engineering and transport modelling colleagues to check that guidelines have been followed, the relevant parameter values have been used and the complex calculations add up.

Economic cost-benefit analysis
We can provide rapid economic appraisal of large infrastructure proposals to help answer the first question: "Is this project or program worth spending considerable resources to develop a detailed business case?"

Regulatory economics
Philip was employed for 9 years by economic regulators, including the then Reserve Bank of Australia and what is now called the Essential Services Commission. The firm can now advise on access to the services of gas pipelines and grain handling facilities on fair and reasonable terms.

Understanding the economics of the transport, energy and water industries
The economic feature of these industries is that the required investments are large and lumpy. Collaboration between users can help reduce costs e.g. the many road users. Pricing of these essential services should be sufficient to attract investment to ensure reliability of supply.

economic consultants in kew
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